FinTech and
Blockchain development
We develop software for Fintech, Blockchain
projects and projects related to cryptocurrency

We specialize in development of software for Blockchain and Fintech projects. Our fulfilled projects offer high standards of security, failure safety and system convenience both for users and for administrator. We have tens of successfully accomplished cases on our list.

Trading Platforms

Development of exchanges and trading platforms for cryptocurrency, binary options and Forex

Online exchangers

Creating online cryptocurrency exchanges, various payment and banking systems

Escrow Services

Making transactions more secure by holding and regulating payments of cryptocurrency, releasing it after certain conditions


Development of online wallets, protection of traditional wallets to provide security

Smart contracts

Development of the best Smart Contract codes for companies to provide security and to reduce transaction costs

Blockchain Dev

Implementing blockchain technologies to store immutable data


SpaceBTC cryptocurrency exchange

Goal: Our aim was to create modern and comfortable cryptocurrency trading platform with an option to add various tokens and other blockchain assets.

Implementation: Our client needed a highly efficient system, capable of processing more than 300 000 requests per second. Our specialists succeeded in developing a trading system that reached this index and completely satisfied client’s expectations. Developed exchange system represented a trading module
(actual core and modules working with it) and numerous additional components connected to it. During project realization we used enterprise programming with architectural patterns of NASDAQ x-stream and MOEX ASTS systems.

Result: Trading platform passed all tests, including vulnerability test successfully. Project is accomplished and successfully operates in the market.

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Why us

Specialization in Fintech and Blockchain projects: We have successful experience of working with banks, payment systems, trading platforms and cryptocurrencies. All our projects have passed security audit checks.


From idea to complete realization: We work from formalization and valuation of the idea to development of the end product and tutoring your team to work with it.


Team of professionals for your project: Applying to us, you get a professional team of developers, working full time on your project.


From small to large-scale projects: We participate in large projects as well as in small project for business.


Development for all platforms: We fulfill projects for any platforms: adaptive web-applications development, development of applications for all operating systems, mobile development.